South Beckman Suffolks

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Meet Our Newest Stud Ram

Purchased at The 2016 Nugget All-American From Whispering Hills Suffolks



New Ram at home



H.B. South Beckman Suffolks #1237RR

2014 Stud Buck

Son of "Sir Charles"




"Big Mike"

Big Mike is for Sale. He is moving to Idaho.



"Big Mike" was bred to most of our brood ewes for the 2012 lambing season.  Check back to see photos of his lambs.  We are very excited to see his offspring.


                                                 "Grand Canyon" Ruby Mountain Sheep 6119


                                   "Spirit" Tom Burke 9010


                                                 "Silver Queen" Silver Dollar DB-2739


"Big Mike" Geggemeier 10-65


                                                 "The Judge" Luxford 05-1261A


                                   Heggemeier 07-40


                                                  Heggemeier 99-181

"Sir Charles"


Introducing "Sir Charles". We purchased this new ram from Chuck Ream of Windswept Ranch in Willits, California. He will backup "Big Mike's" blood lines with even more size, style, and mass. "Sir Charles" is the 2011 Champion Ram @ the Oregon State Fair. "Sir Charles" was sired by Chuck's great buck "Ezekiel", a blood line that is producing Champions for Chuck every where he shows. Look for his lambs this coming December 2012 and on into 2013.



2014 Montadale Sire

"The Count"



The Count as a Yearling Ram.



Gone to the Pasture in the Sky


                                                        "Chief Justice" Luxford 04-1253

                                Luxford 05-1230A

                                                        Luxford 02-1150B

 "Sir Edward" Pleasant Valley 1220 RR   

                                                        "Strictly Business" Luxford 01-1234

                                Pleasant Valley 1125 RR  

                                                        Pleasant Valley 1051 RR



Here is "Sir Edward" another "Knight From the Round Table".  He is a Pleasant Valley Ram that is 75% Luxford breeding out of the 05-1230A line.

"Sir Edward" measures 44" long and we hope to have him pass on this trait to his kin, and HE DID!



Excalibur (Retiring as of the 2011 Lambing Season)




This is our Senior Ram "Excalibur SBS" 

He measured over 41" as a yearling ram and has added height and length to our lambs.

His Blood Lines:



                                                                        "47" Miller 0047

                                                   "56" Pumphrey 456 RR

                                                                                Pumphery 109RR

 "Excalibur" Pumphrey Suffolks 0572RR   

                                                                                Dougherty 0010

                                                   Adams Suffolks 1187    

                                                                                Adams Suffolks 656




Sir Lancelot (Retired 2010 Lambing Season)

This is "Sir Lancelot"

We purchased him from Chuck Ream at Wind Swept Ranch in 2007.

Arlene and I feel that we will do very well with both of these rams!

His Blood Lines:



                                                                             Peifer Suffolks 1132

                                                   "Consensus" Ream 3P62

                                                                                Ream 0W13

"Sir Lancelot" Ream 6C22RR           

                                                                                Miller 1136

                                                   Ream 2M22           

                                                                                Ream 0SS62


"Sir Gawain" (Retired 2010 for us But Sold into California)


                                                                      "56" Pumphrey 456 RR

                                                   "Ecalibur SBS" Pumphrey 572 RR

                                                                      Adams Suffolks 1187

 "Sir Gawain" South Beckman Suffolks 0820 RR   

                                                                       "Romell" Luxford 02-1129A

                                                   "Black Beauty" Pumphrey 405 RR  

                                                                       Pumphrey 236 RR